2010 年度澳洲珀斯團

In these 20 days in Perth, I improved a lot personally. My English, social skills, management of time and money improved. I learnt how to spend money under a daily budget, but I had poor control in buying souvenirs.  I remembered my room mate who had bad management of personal belongings. He always lost his belongings and I have to remind him to pick them up when he left in his room everyday. I have to be independent because I have to go to school by myself. I feel strange on the first day of going to school. I use almost two hours for going to school because I don't know the way to the school. 


I love this place very much, especially the animals. I fed the kangaroo, and I saw different kind of unique animals in Australia. The teacher taught me the Australian native language. They say “G'day” for how's it going or how are you; say “Ta” for thank you. Perth is a peaceful place, the citizens were kind and helpful. I love Perth! I hope I can go there again.


Jonathan Budhrani

HKUGA College


It was my son Jonathan who requested to join the study tour in other countries. This was my first time I had looked for a Study Tour for my son Jonathan. I learnt that there were a lot of different study tours to be held in the summer holiday and I was so lucky to have contacted Mandy - AEA and she was very helpful to let Jonathan to join this tour - Perth, Australia. Here I would like to express my gratitude to her.


We were very happy Jonathan could spend his wonderful holidays in Australia. He was so excited in the beginning. I think it was a good chance to let him be more independent. I still remember the scene when we sent him to the airport. He is 13 years old and this was his first trip alone. He looked like nothing was happening and very happy. I knew he would miss us all the time.


In the first few days, we were worried about him. As we wanted him to become more independent, we tried not to call him and hoped he could solve problems by himself. The first night he called, he was crying over the phone. He said that he was missing us. We all missed him too.  From this trip, he learnt how to communicate with others. He asked for directions when he lost his way on the way to school. He needed to solve all problems by himself (before that he was more relying on me).


I found that Jonathan's attitude had changed after this trip. He can open wide his eyes by seeing such a beautiful place in the world. We found that he has become more independent, be more responsible person, more aggressive. He also become more concerned of other people's wellbeing. With such a good improvement, I intend to let Jonathan join another trip in the coming summer holiday again.


Mrs. Budhrani

(Jonathan's mother)















Miss Cheung Pui Yan (Teacher)

Tsung Tsin Christian Academy

What so much I got in the Edith Cowan University Educational Trip which was held by the Australian Education Association? I got improvements with my communication skills and I made many new friends. The trip broadened my horizons.


In the trip, we had many English lessons given by experienced native Australian teachers. My class teacher taught us in an interesting and interactive way. He showed us films and Aussie Footy Legends, introduced the traditional Australian foods and played games with us. Through group works, presentations and discussions, my speaking, writing, reading and listening skills were all improved. I became more confident when I am using English.


Apart from indoor learning, we had many outings as well. We visited many famous places, like the Kings Park, the Whiteman Park, the Fremantle Market, the AQWA… These visits are all very unforgettable to me since I experienced many things which I have never had a chance to learn in Hong Kong.  I touched special Australian animals such as kangaroo and koala, and sea animals like shark and starfish too. I can't help praising the greatness of the Creator!


I stayed in a nice host family, the Halton Family. All family members treated me friendly and nicely. They always chatted with me and showed me around. They made me feel so warm and comfortable. Through the home stay, I deeply elevated my communication skills, became more independent and learned to be considerate to others. I still keep in touch with my host family. I miss them so much!


I also made many new friends. Before I went to Perth, I worried I won’t be able to make any friends and I will be very lonely. Instead, the result is absolutely surprising. I discovered if I treat everyone nicely and actively, I will make friends easily. Finally, I made a lot of friends in the trip!


This trip really benefited me a lot. I am sure that this 20-day trip had sealed an unforgettable memory in my life. I miss all the people I met and every place I visited in Perth. Perth is really a lovely place and I had a fruitful educational trip!


TAM Yi Tak Edith

Holy Family Canossian College